Transitioning to remote work: the emotional distance challenge!

If you want to replicate virtual work to your company and teams, you need to be aware that the most reported problem is the emotional distance brought by loneliness and the lack of collaboration/comunication individuals can have when working remotly.

Don’t bring a problem, bring solutions

This is an important issue for everyone working on a crescent competitive market. Not only on virtual teams, but everywhere. It’s past the time when employees would bring all their complains to a manager or company and just wait for a solution. The results of this type of culture is unsatisfied people from both sides. […]

Sometimes all you need is a little patience and a lot of empathy

When working with a team and different clients, we may find people with divergent opinions, ideas and experiences.  In these situations, it might be hard to get to an agreement, specially when we relly exclusively on virtual communication as telephone, email and chats. So, when it seems we are going nowhere, we need to take […]