How to innovate if I’m not a creative person?

During our virtual workshops, I use innovation games for practices application and the groups are suppose to create things, like a child history for example. At first people will have trouble, as they think: “I work with Technology or Process, I’m not a creative person”. But, I like to say that creativity doesn’t need to […]

Remote design thinking

When working with virtual teams, there is a great challenge for innovation that is the lack of contact for knowledge and experiences exchange. Local teams can go for a room and do a workshop at any time to learn and apply agile and design thinking concepts and practices. But, when you need to make these […]

Design thinking for innovation

My team have been applying agile practices to our project to for a while now and we want to continue improving with innovative ideas. So, yesterday we had this great workshop where we had the chance to start applying design thinking practices. We started with a social contract between the people engaged in the workshop, […]

Using storytelling for innovation

So, what’s about storytelling? I’ve been seeing a lot of material about storytelling in my social network, so I resolved to go ahead and research. After reading a lot of articles and some books, I started using it on my projects. It’s funny to think about telling a story to our team or clients, but […]

Innovation in virtual teams

Innovation requires collaboration, so how to ensure virtual work is not killing it? First of all, virtual teams need a place to share, it can be a wiki, a box or a social network. It’s important that the team members are brought together at least weekly thru phone or virtual conferences to discuss the challenges […]