How to innovate if I’m not a creative person?

During our virtual workshops, I use innovation games for practices application and the groups are suppose to create things, like a child history for example. At first people will have trouble, as they think: “I work with Technology or Process, I’m not a creative person”. But, I like to say that creativity doesn’t need to […]

Motivate your team using Design Thinking 

Last month I read about using Design Thinking for team’s motivation and I thought it was very interesting. Then, I decided to try this with my team.  We had a process that I explained and trained the team, still we were having problems. It had no point to go over it again, cause the team […]

Remote design thinking

When working with virtual teams, there is a great challenge for innovation that is the lack of contact for knowledge and experiences exchange. Local teams can go for a room and do a workshop at any time to learn and apply agile and design thinking concepts and practices. But, when you need to make these […]

Marshmallow challenge

This week, Pamela, a friend Agile Champion, helped me apply a marshmallow challenge on our teams. The marshmallow challenge is a great design exercise where small teams need to build a tower of spaghetti, string and tape to hold a marshmallow on the top. This exercise shows a lot about teamwork, integration and innovation.  Children […]

Design thinking for innovation

My team have been applying agile practices to our project to for a while now and we want to continue improving with innovative ideas. So, yesterday we had this great workshop where we had the chance to start applying design thinking practices. We started with a social contract between the people engaged in the workshop, […]

Happy towel day

I couldn’t let this day end without mentioning Douglas Adams. Although I still don’t know which is the question for 42 (the answer for life, the universe and everything else), I’m confident that his books are the funniest. I didn’t spend the day with a towel, but I’m glad to have participated on a Design […]