Design thinking for innovation

My team have been applying agile practices to our project to for a while now and we want to continue improving with innovative ideas. So, yesterday we had this great workshop where we had the chance to start applying design thinking practices. We started with a social contract between the people engaged in the workshop, […]

Interactions: breaking solutions complexity

I like to say that interactions, or sprints as known in Scrum, break solutions complexity. Using it has helped my team a lot, with organizing and understanding what’s needed. It can be used with solutions where you don’t have a clear vision on how to get to your final goal or you still don’t know […]

Creating user stories: an empathy exercise

User stories are an artifact of Scrum and they are used for requirements gathering at the begin of a project. It has a simple structure: As a (i.e. client, administrator) I want to (action) So that (goal) As all agile tools, this work needs to be done collaboratively and it’s a way to understanding your […]

How agile practices can help day to day activities 

Since I started applying agile practices on my projects, it helped me a lot to organize. I’ve been working double the projects and still have time for a coffee with my team. This is great for work environment stress balance so, when a coworker looked for me few days ago saying he was working nonstop […]

Can virtual teams be agile?

I believe this is a common question when facing global project teams and organization demands for agility. The good news for project managers and team leaders is that the answer is: Yes, virtual teams can be agile and they need to! Some of the challenges faced by virtual teams as communication and decision making problems […]