Management 3.0: appreciation in virtual teams

Management 3.0 is considered a new management way, differently from M1.0 and M2.0 that were based on command & control and efficiency with a high command chain respectively, M3.0 goal is to focus on motivated teams around clear goals. There are some practices for roles definition, skills mapping, teams motivators identification, delegation exercises and what […]

Why cross-functional teams?

When we talk about cross-functional teams, we talk about people from different areas working together. We can have a project team with people from Systems, Database, Middleware, or even people from management areas working with technical people. And, why is this distinct from any other teams? First of all, cross-functional teams can provide not only […]

Can I do the stand ups weekly?

This is a very common question on Agile trainings. When teams are used to one hour status meetings, even the idea of a 15 min daily meeting may seem unnecessary. This is why the first step for Agile transformation is the mindset change. If each person gets the assigned work to him and go to […]

What does the Scrum Master do?

Last week this question pop up during a meeting I was participating. The team was new to agile and is starting to apply the practices. They were very interested in understanding how a self-organizing team works. When we think of traditional managers that are always telling the team what and how to work, it’s interesting […]

Agile is not just one methodology 

Every time I start a training or coach, I like to ask people to define agile. For those who are seeing it for the first time, the answer is usually ‘going faster’ or ‘a methodology’. But agile doesn’t mean faster, going faster needs to be a result. Agile is not only one methodology, but a […]

Remote design thinking

When working with virtual teams, there is a great challenge for innovation that is the lack of contact for knowledge and experiences exchange. Local teams can go for a room and do a workshop at any time to learn and apply agile and design thinking concepts and practices. But, when you need to make these […]

Working thru iterations 

When we work with agile, we do work with iterations. I like to say that these practices brake our solutions complexity giving us a better view of what we need to complete the work. Imagine that someone asked you to build a car, would you know where to start? Agile is about delivering clients the […]

Marshmallow challenge

This week, Pamela, a friend Agile Champion, helped me apply a marshmallow challenge on our teams. The marshmallow challenge is a great design exercise where small teams need to build a tower of spaghetti, string and tape to hold a marshmallow on the top. This exercise shows a lot about teamwork, integration and innovation.  Children […]

Social contracts for Agile teams

High performance teams need clear objectives, responsibilities and norms to work as also agile teams. These norms are a set of behaviours the team members consider acceptable and not acceptable. To build a work space of openness, respect and innovation, this norms need to be build by the own team. To this, there is an […]