Six sigma on Agile Teams

If agile is all about continuous improvement, it certainly is all about six sigma. Differently from waterfall methodologies, where we have one big planning cycle followed by execution and lessons learned, agile methodologies work as small PDCA cycles, for planning, do, checking (showcases) and act (retrospective). And if you want to apply continuous improvement to […]

Third Agile virtual team best practice: encourage the use of collaboration tools

After creating your team’s social contract and setting your meetings, team’s climate and communication improvements may already be felt, but, as a good Agile team, you must always ask: How do I get better? There are several answers to these questions, with the use of collaboration tools as: Online white boards, as Mural and others […]

Second Agile virtual team best practice: set a schedule for meetings

It may not be easy when you think it at first, as, how will I set a schedule with a team, if members can be on India, China, US, Brazil. But don’t discard the idea without try. With Agile practices, we have a set of meetings that can be used to improve communication and collaboration […]

First Agile virtual team practice: establish a social contract

When I talk about social contracts on my workshops, I always remember people that we are social, we need contracts to live in society, it’s not different inside a team. For new teams formation, social contracts are fundamental to ensure alignment and set expectations. But it can also be a good tool for teams already […]

3 best practices for Agile virtual teams

According to a Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, there are 7 rules for these teams: Don’t; Don’t treat distributed teams as local; Don’t treat local teams as distributed; Latitude hurts, longitude kills; Don’t be always remote; Invest in the right tools; Establish agreements and norms. We can’t always avoid working on virtual teams, actually, this […]

How to begin with Agile?

Something interesting that I’ve noticed since I started an Agile transformation is that constructing a base is fundamental when you want to improve your team, local or remote. The base for any high performance or agile team needs to contains the values and principles that a team will follow. If you want it to work […]

First post of the year

It’s been a time since my last post, but it’s always good to be back! End of year, together with an Agile Transformation ongoing, it’s a lot of work. They say the year in Brazil only starts after Carnival, well, I should be back right in time 😀 In the past 3 months, I’ve seen […]

Let’s celebrate the end of a cycle!

How to keep a high performance team motivated after each project? The answer is simple and fun: Celebrate! After the team is formed and stabilized, working on a project after other may put the team on a never ending cycle, bringing stress and desmotivation. As we celebrate New Year’s Eve, ending a cycle and recharging […]

Why cross-functional teams?

When we talk about cross-functional teams, we talk about people from different areas working together. We can have a project team with people from Systems, Database, Middleware, or even people from management areas working with technical people. And, why is this distinct from any other teams? First of all, cross-functional teams can provide not only […]

How to innovate if I’m not a creative person?

During our virtual workshops, I use innovation games for practices application and the groups are suppose to create things, like a child history for example. At first people will have trouble, as they think: “I work with Technology or Process, I’m not a creative person”. But, I like to say that creativity doesn’t need to […]