Don’t forget to show the value of your work

This is one of those days when I’m so tired I even thought of not posting a blog. But, what’s the point of all the hard work if you have nothing to show? One of the things I’ve learnt is that you can’t only focus on resolving problems, you also need to delivery results and […]

Decision making process – if everyone understands where we’re going, it’s easier to get there!

Have you ever worked a project where resources complained that roles were not well defined? Communication was not satisfactory? Goals were not clear? You may need to review your decision making process. When having project calls with virtual teams, specially thru phone, you may not be able to ensure everyone is actively participating or understanding […]

Kanban in virtual teams – visualize goals and collaborate

When I first started using daily stand up meetings on our virtual team, I was afraid it would be just another phone meeting. The fact that it was daily was even scarier as I thought my team’s acceptance wouldn’t be good. I believe what changed daily stand meeting from all other weekly one hour meetings, […]

Time box your work – and life – for Agile results

One of Agile practices that I believe are very interesting for organizing is time box. Different from other practices, I started using it in my personal life, before taking it to work. Sometimes you need to dedicate more time for a project, in work or in your personal life, but it’s good to find some […]

Knowledge share in virtual teams

When working on virtual teams, it might be a challenge to think of ways to reunite the team to share knowledge. First of all, it’s interesting to bring individuals together to understand what is required.  It’s important the team participates and understands the importance of sharing knowledge to improve team’s skills, performance and the quality […]

What have you learnt today?

You can’t run from learning. You learn everyday, when you face a new challenge or talk to someone new. What really makes the difference is what you do with what you learn. It was a tip from my manager to note everyday something I’ve learned. I also read that good leaders keep a journal. All […]

How agile practices can help day to day activities 

Since I started applying agile practices on my projects, it helped me a lot to organize. I’ve been working double the projects and still have time for a coffee with my team. This is great for work environment stress balance so, when a coworker looked for me few days ago saying he was working nonstop […]

Don’t bring a problem, bring solutions

This is an important issue for everyone working on a crescent competitive market. Not only on virtual teams, but everywhere. It’s past the time when employees would bring all their complains to a manager or company and just wait for a solution. The results of this type of culture is unsatisfied people from both sides. […]

Be clear when communicating virtually

Today I had a great workshop about communication with my friend Walyson Oliveira from IBM. It inspired me to write about the importance of clear communication on virtual teams. Just yesterday I faced a challenge regarding communication with one of our clients. He sent an email asking for help and after a couple of days […]

Virtual work is not about isolation

When working on a big company, you may work on a team that is part local, part virtual. It can bring challenges to team’s trust and collaboration, as individuals will tend to create subgroups between local and distributed resources. For local resources, it’s easier to ask questions and share knowledge with people that is beside […]