Social contracts for Agile teams

High performance teams need clear objectives, responsibilities and norms to work as also agile teams. These norms are a set of behaviours the team members consider acceptable and not acceptable. To build a work space of openness, respect and innovation, this norms need to be build by the own team. To this, there is an […]

Design thinking for innovation

My team have been applying agile practices to our project to for a while now and we want to continue improving with innovative ideas. So, yesterday we had this great workshop where we had the chance to start applying design thinking practices. We started with a social contract between the people engaged in the workshop, […]

Interactions: breaking solutions complexity

I like to say that interactions, or sprints as known in Scrum, break solutions complexity. Using it has helped my team a lot, with organizing and understanding what’s needed. It can be used with solutions where you don’t have a clear vision on how to get to your final goal or you still don’t know […]

Lessons learned

Lessons learned are not about listing problems that happened during a project or reasons why it didn’t work. Lessons learned are about opportunities and finding then in your daily activities. Every mistake is a chance to learn, and even if there were no mistakes, improvements can always be found in a procedure or process. So, […]

Happy towel day

I couldn’t let this day end without mentioning Douglas Adams. Although I still don’t know which is the question for 42 (the answer for life, the universe and everything else), I’m confident that his books are the funniest. I didn’t spend the day with a towel, but I’m glad to have participated on a Design […]

Why do research?

Last week I was honored to participe of an open class about research on graduation at my university after all this years. I graduated in 2009 and, after that, I did an MBA and concluded my Master degree in Production Systems Management. I was invited to this open class by my former professor and mentor […]

Virtual Teams – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

As every team or project, virtual work also requires performance indicators. These indicators need to be followed during the execution, to correct any problems that may be found, and after completion in case it’s a temporary task. To define a KPIS you need to know: What’s is going to be measured; Who’s going to do […]

Creating user stories: an empathy exercise

User stories are an artifact of Scrum and they are used for requirements gathering at the begin of a project. It has a simple structure: As a (i.e. client, administrator) I want to (action) So that (goal) As all agile tools, this work needs to be done collaboratively and it’s a way to understanding your […]

Using storytelling for innovation

So, what’s about storytelling? I’ve been seeing a lot of material about storytelling in my social network, so I resolved to go ahead and research. After reading a lot of articles and some books, I started using it on my projects. It’s funny to think about telling a story to our team or clients, but […]