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(Em Português) Lançamento do livro: Equipes virtuais ágeis

Na última semana lancei meu livro sobre Equipes Virtuais Ágeis, você pode adquirir o seu pelo link: http://www.equipesvirtuaisageis.com Esse livro é uma coletânea de textos que escrevi de 2013 a 2015 durante minha pesquisa sobre Equipes Virtuais para o Mestrado e de 2015 a 2018 no blog virtualteamsmanagement.com, quando comecei a trabalhar com agilidade. Esses materiais foram [...]

Transitioning to remote work: the emotional distance challenge!

If you want to replicate virtual work to your company and teams, you need to be aware that the most reported problem is the emotional distance brought by loneliness and the lack of collaboration/comunication individuals can have when working remotly.

Agile talk show – Remote teams

Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the Agile Talk Show, talking about remote teams. The program is lead by Bruno Mello and Nelson Furtina, two former colleagues from IBM, who want to help people starting in the agile world, inside and outside their company. It was incredible fun, when I was invited [...]

Management 3.0: appreciation in virtual teams

Management 3.0 is considered a new management way, differently from M1.0 and M2.0 that were based on command & control and efficiency with a high command chain respectively, M3.0 goal is to focus on motivated teams around clear goals. There are some practices for roles definition, skills mapping, teams motivators identification, delegation exercises and what [...]

Delegation Poker: some interesting situations

I read a lot about management 3.0, but I didn’t have the chance to apply any exercise until today with Delegation Poker. It’s certainly an interesting tool for leadership and team alignment. Very similar to planning poker, but, instead of playing complexity points to user stories, the team and their leader have the chance to [...]

Storytelling: The Hero’s Journey

In my last presentation about storyboarding, a friend said he liked my storytelling so I decided to write a little about my favorite king of story: the hero’s journey. Basically, it’s a model created by Joseph Campbell and used a lot in movies and games. If we analyze The Hobbit, for example: * It all [...]

The importance of team satisfaction for innovation

When we talk about innovation, we talk about companies as Pixar, but what do they have in common? (or different from others?). Ed Catmull, Pixar’s president and cofounder, in his speeches asks the audience what’s better: a good idea or a good team? The crowd is divided most of the times. I tried the same [...]

Human motivation in the learning era

In our last Design Thinking session we wanted to analyze how to improve communication for incidents solving, but we got to another problem when analyzing our persona, the lack of motivation caused by insecurity. This lead us back to Maslow Pyramid, how to ensure collaborative problem solving when we may still need to work on [...]

Agile coaching

To be a coach, you need to be an active listener and answer the question: How can I serve better the team? The agile coach is "...the servant leader and guardian of team's performance and quality" (Coaching Agile Teams from Lyssa Adkins). He or she's responsible to help the team have the courage, openness and [...]