It does not matter if your team has just started or if you have been working together for a long time, to start the agile journey to high performance you need to start at the basics, and the first step is to define the team’s mission and vision.

It is very common to define mission and vision for companies and some people even find it strange to use it at the team level, but the idea is that, given the north of the organization or where it wants to go, everyone needs to be looking for the same direction.

And even though it is a good practice to have the organization’s vision and mission spread through the company, it is not always clear how each one is collaborating to achieve those goals.

Many teams, mainly operational, may feel that they are not involved as a sales or marketing team, for example, and this can cause variations between areas that are really compromised and others that just exist to “keep the machine running.”


A good way to ensure those definitions is to use teambuilding activities, two of them that I recently learn were the use of Elevator Pitch for teams and the Is and Isn’t-Dos and Don’ts, which defines team mission and makes clear the scope and identity of the team, respectively.

Other simpler activities I’ve participated in, including in remote teams, were the use of video tools to present the members (and here you can ask individuals to share not only more of the same: name, work, training, but also include some curiosity or hobbies to create affinity) and use a Team Canvas.


The important part of all this is that the activity needs to be collaborative and everyone must have the space to share. Based on the results of these activities, it is possible to define team values ​​and the identity of the team. Let’s talk about it in the next post;)

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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