I read a lot about management 3.0, but I didn’t have the chance to apply any exercise until today with Delegation Poker.

It’s certainly an interesting tool for leadership and team alignment. Very similar to planning poker, but, instead of playing complexity points to user stories, the team and their leader have the chance to put the cards on the table with their opinions regarding the current management style.

Considering the possible styles, we have 7 cards that go from a “dictatorship” card tell to a “anarchy” style delegate. The cards in between navigate in between, from sell to inquire according to the picture bellow:


Some interesting situations that can occur here:

  • A manager that thinks he delegates everything, but, actually, after asking something he can’t stop telling the team how to do and when to do it;
  • A manager that believes he and the team agree with everything, when actually the team see he is selling solutions and fell they don’t have other option;
  • And of course, situations where the team always ask for permission when the manager expects that he is only asked for advice.

All this misalignments can take to communication, quality and finally motivation problems inside a team, so exercising this is never too much.

The cards for this game can be find in https://management30.com

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