It may not be easy when you think it at first, as, how will I set a schedule with a team, if members can be on India, China, US, Brazil.

But don’t discard the idea without try. With Agile practices, we have a set of meetings that can be used to improve communication and collaboration with virtual teams:

  • Daily stand ups;
  • Retrospectives;
  • Showcases.

Besides other strategic meetings as operational reviews or risks management reviews.

The important thing is, distributed teams may have slow communication, specially when we have people in different time zones.

So, if instead of sending an e-mail and waiting for a day or two to get an answer, only to see that the information we asked is incomplete, we could set a 15 min daily meeting with all team members, communication will get a lot faster.

Ensure to create the base for openness and respect, depending on the culture, people may not be willing to share doubts or to admit they don’t have the necessary skills to a specific task.

Everyone needs to have their time to talk, so if there is any impediment ongoing, see who can help and then set a call aside to resolve it, so other team members can be released to get back to work or rest.

And, remember, communication has two sides, so, if there is an issue, all the team is responsible for it and needs to be engaged in proposing solutions!

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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