Last month I read about using Design Thinking for team’s motivation and I thought it was very interesting. Then, I decided to try this with my team. 

We had a process that I explained and trained the team, still we were having problems. It had no point to go over it again, cause the team couldn’t see the value of doing this work.

So, instead of demanding or creating a new process by myself, that had the risk of not being accepted by the team again, I took everyone to a Design Thinking Workshop.

There, we map our stakeholders and the current process, which was almost not existing to the team. We talked about the gaps and problems then the team worked together to think of solutions for each problem found.

It was a small process and after only two hours we had eight solutions and a new scenario was drawn. We are now testing the solutions and we will keep working to improve it.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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