This Monday we executed a new Agile Workshop, this time using a new exercise called Mr. Happy Face.

The challenge was divided in two parts, of 5 and 8 min. In the first part, the teams were asked to build as many faces possible, based on 4 models previously presented and using blue/yellow paper, scissors and glue.

After the first phase was completed we told them the market was only going to buy faces of one selected model. All other faces they build would be considered waste.

In the second phase, we helped the teams build a production line to build faces faster and, instead of building any faces they wanted, we started asking the faces representing the market.

After this second part was concluded, the teams only had built faces that could be selled to the market. It was an interested activity to show some concepts as:

  • Lean pull (do what is needed when needed);
  • Iterations (with small deliverables);
  • Have clear goals;
  • Know your market;
  • Cross-functional teams (the production line).

We are now working to adapt this activity to use other tools as the wall of work (Kanban).

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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