High performance teams need clear objectives, responsibilities and norms to work as also agile teams.

These norms are a set of behaviours the team members consider acceptable and not acceptable.

To build a work space of openness, respect and innovation, this norms need to be build by the own team.

To this, there is an agile social practice called social contracts or work agreements and it’s  a great tool to build better teams performance.

These contracts need to be simple and documented in a place where the team will always see it. It can also be updated when needed.

And, what kind of norms will this contract have?

  • It can have rules regarding meeting attendance, as be always on time;
  • Rules regarding unacceptable behaviours as bullyings;
  • What is expected from the team on planning and learning, as share knowledge;
  • Interpersonal behaviours as respect to others opinions.

In small teams or projects some rules can have a price when broken, as the team member that gets late for the scrum meeting will have to pay a coffee for the others.

The most important is to remember that any team needs to have clear values, followed for all, to build a healthy and fun environment for better results.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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