So, what’s about storytelling?

I’ve been seeing a lot of material about storytelling in my social network, so I resolved to go ahead and research. After reading a lot of articles and some books, I started using it on my projects.

It’s funny to think about telling a story to our team or clients, but this is a simple and interesting way of organizing your mind and ideas to present your solutions to clients.

The simplest way I found for storytelling is the McKinsey model: 

  1. Situation;
  2. Complication;
  3. Solution.

There are also other models as:

  1. Problem;
  2. Add some ‘buts’ for complications;
  3. Enter your solution;
  4. Finish with ‘and then’ to show the value added.

To make it even better, my co-worker created some characters to illustrate our team, giving more personality to our problem solving stories.

Storytelling is a more human way to bring innovation to the companies, using something so simple, but that also requires practice.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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