When I first started using daily stand up meetings on our virtual team, I was afraid it would be just another phone meeting. The fact that it was daily was even scarier as I thought my team’s acceptance wouldn’t be good.

I believe what changed daily stand meeting from all other weekly one hour meetings, that didn’t add much to us, was the dynamic participation of individuals and the visualization of our work thru the use of Kanban.

It’s really easier to organize and take fast decisions when you can see what was done, what’s is ongoing and the next steps. It’s a great result as a Scrum Master to know that the practices applied are really helping the team.

With so much projects and other issues going on, you could drown between the weeks and not be able to get done what was need for one project or another. But with the daily and fast meetings, ideas are organized and the team is always aligned around our goals. 

We’ve been using Mural.ly as a tool that can be accessed by anyone of the team at any time, the tool is also collaborative as it permits everyone works together at the same time, but if you look there are several specific tools for Kanban and other similar tools for a virtual mural.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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