When working on virtual teams, it might be a challenge to think of ways to reunite the team to share knowledge.

First of all, it’s interesting to bring individuals together to understand what is required. 

It’s important the team participates and understands the importance of sharing knowledge to improve team’s skills, performance and the quality of the deliveries.

What are the team’s struggles? It can be a technology, a tool or a process.

We have lot of new stuff showing up, specially on technology areas as Cloud, Data, Mobile and on project management process as Agile and Scrum.

Tools and process knowledge share are also important and can help the team find innovation opportunities.

Is there a member of the team that already has this kind of knowledge? Or do we need to look it outside?

If it’s internal, which tool can be used to spread this training virtually? 

In these cases it is useful to have a call, but also sharing screen options and maybe some tool where the team members can participate dynamically, if available.

If it’s external, can the team member have a training and then share this knowledge internally? 

Most important, training needs to be recorded, if possible, and materials documented for consulting.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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