When working on a virtual team, project members can be assigned to more then a project.

Therefore, requests can be received everywhere, from emails to chats, and a project manager won’t  coordinate with other project manager to organize individuals tasks.

For this reason, self organization is a requirement for virtual team members and it can be really difficult when individuals are transitioned from operations to a project directed team.

First of all, it’s important that project tasks are organized, with a defined scope and schedule. It can have weekly meetings or stand up calls when on an agile environment.

But, when the project member is contacted with urgent tasks from all directions, priorization is needed.

To prioritize activities, project members need to be aware of the value of each project to the customer and the problems that delaying deliveries can bring to the client.

Lastly, if project managers and team members are not able to get to an agreement, an organized process for projects and program management is essential.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

Agile Coach, helping build high performance agile teams!

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