I’ve already read tons of articles about the importance of feedback, still, why are we not using it?

Feedback is not about sending a thank you note to all the team at the end of the project, it’s about pointing out what is good and what can be improved.

No one is perfect, it’s essencial that we are always learning and finding new ways to do things. Creativity depends on it, as also trust and sharing, so we need to be open to receive and provide feedback.

Fedback is essencial, but only if done the right way. Feedback needs to be directed to an individual performance during an specific activity or period of time.

If you thank you someone, you need to be clear regarding the value delivered by the work done to the company and to the client.

If you want people to improve, the feedback needs to be constructive, specially with suggestions and a call to avoid misunderstood.

And all feedbacks must be documented, it’s part of the results of a team member and it needs to be used for performance management. 

If you are not providing feedback as manager or a project manager, you are not providing your team reasons to improve and innovate.

Publicado por Natalia Manha

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